Senior year in high school is a milestone year for many students. With important events and an upcoming graduation, high school seniors are going through a lot of changes. This is why when teeth or jaws need adjustments, traditional metal braces can make a huge impact on the mouth and everyday life. Luckily, high school students have the option of getting clear braces. While visiting orthodontics, a teen can get fitted for removable, clear braces and wear them through the whole senior year. There are five positive benefits of choosing this option, each one directly related to the typical social life of a high school senior.

Date Nights

Senior year in high school is filled with a lot of new freedoms, including the ability for teens to get driver’s licenses. As a teen hits the open road with friends and companions for date night, they do not want to feel limited by a set of metal braces. With clear braces, your food options can greatly expand. This means that date night for high school seniors can include popcorn at the movies, some tacos at a Mexican restaurant, or even a piece of gum to create some instant fresh breath.

Without any eating limitations, the senior can plan an ideal date and create lasting memories with potential girlfriends and boyfriends.

Senior Portraits

One of the trademark events in a senior year is the senior portrait. This photo session permanently captures a teen life during senior year. Not only do these pictures get printed in the school’s yearbook, but they are often distributed to family and friends. Instead of being distracted by the visuals of metal braces, clear braces can showcase a natural smile. The braces can be briefly pulled out during the photo session, so the teeth do not create an annoying glare or focal point on the image. In the years that follow, the subject can look back on all types of memories other than just a metal mouth.

High School Speeches

Senior year is filled with all types of speeches. There are classroom reports, school assemblies, class elections, awards night, and a slew of speakers for graduation. Choosing to get metal braces can distort and change the way a teen speaks. During an adjustment period, speech can become slurred or cause a lisp. This happens when the thickness of the braces pushes on the lips and mouth shape. Clear braces may have a slight adjustment stage, but they offer easy ways to retain original speech patterns. For truly important high school speeches, the braces can easily be pulled out temporarily.

Not only will this help a teen speak more clearly, but it can help boost confidence for any type of speech.

Morning Routine

Getting up for high school everyday can be a slog. The early hours of the morning are stressful enough, but the addition of metal braces can only make things worse. With metal braces, a teen must watch what they eat for breakfast and then go through the painstaking task of flossing and cleaning the braces. With enough morning prep as there is, clear braces only make the task easier. Typical brushing and flossing is still needed, but it takes no more time than a student without braces. This extra time allows a student a little extra snooze time during the morning routine.

Less Appointments

Many high school seniors can attest to the busy schedule that comes in the final year. Homework, sports, college application, part-time jobs, and school clubs are just a few of the things filling up a teenager’s schedule. Adding in numerous orthodontist appointments can only add extra stress to the demands. This is where the benefits of clear braces come in. With clear braces, fewer appointments are needed. Mouth scans are done during the initial appointment and then the teen is basically good to go. A few follow-up appointments are needed to check the progress and adjustments, but they are far fewer than the appointments needed for metal braces.

As teens grow, they have more options and freedom to explore choices. The choice to get clear braces can make a huge difference for senior year in high school.